Chavinoid elements in Paracas textiles and Nasca ceramics (2019)


On the occasion of the conference “Congreso Sobre Iconografia Precolombina” from 15 to 17 May 2019 in Barceloan, the author made a very clear presentation of the lecture entitled “Elementos chavinoides en los textiles de Paracas y las cer├ímicas de Nasca” of the connections between the content of the divine images in Chavin and Paracas and subsequently in Nasca. It is very remarkable that the textiles of Chavin and Paracas presented the same sequence of four different divine images. This is the case with Chavin between about 1000 and 400 BC and with Paracas between about 600 BC and the turn of time (transition to Nasca). Surprisingly, there is a period of 300 to 400 years between the two sequences. This presentation is available in German, Spanish and English. It will be published in a shorter version in Spanish language in 2019.

>> Chavinoid Elements in Paracas Textiles and Nasca Ceramic (PDF)